Great Part-time jobs for Students in...

Great Part-time jobs for Students in High School

by Alexa Cairns
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As a high school student myself, I completely understand the never-ending frustration of lacking enough time each day to complete the tasks you need to do. Most high-school students find it helpful to have a job to earn money to save for things such as post-secondary education, a car, even a house, or maybe just to have extra spending money to go out with your friends. No matter what the reason behind your desire to get a job in high school, it can be difficult to manage your time. Jobs, schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, making time for family and friends; our lives are hectic. Here are some ideas of jobs that have flexible schedules and allow you to balance all of the things in your life.

In Canada, everyone knows how popular Tim Hortons is, and it’s a fantastic first job to have, especially in high school. This job allows you to start at minimum wage and as you work throughout the months and years, you can get higher job levels and earn more money than when you started. Most students who have worked at Timmies said they loved their experience, and that they were treated respectfully and with flexible schedules. Tim Hortons starts hiring at age 16.

Grocery stores are also a great job to have throughout high school. If you’re a cashier, there is slightly more work to do than most jobs. However, it gives you a great experience when it comes to customer service, along with learning how to handle money responsibly. Along with this, grocery stores typically allow you to have a higher paying job of a supervisor after you have been working thereafter your manager feels you are well qualified. Some grocery stores also have baggers and store clerk jobs. If you are not as comfortable dealing with customers, this job might be for you!

Most students choose a job in the fast-food industry since there are countless part-time jobs available with relatively flexible schedules, but it’s important to keep in mind that fast-food jobs are not the only choice for students. There are numerous jobs available in the clothing industry, however, these jobs mainly aim to hire people over 18 years of age. Some of the popular stores that do hire students at age 16 are Plato’s Closet, Old Navy, American Eagle, Zumiez and Levi’s. These employees learn a lot about retail, handling money and customer service as well. Especially if you are thinking about going into the fashion industry as your career pathway, working at a clothing store can give you great experience to add to your resume.

Along with these jobs, local community centres often offer jobs available to students. They have flexible, predetermined schedules. Oftentimes community centres have libraries and swimming pools open to the public. At libraries, they usually accept applications from students in high school, along with the opportunity to be a lifeguard at swimming pools if you have completed the correct training before applying to the job. These are fairly easy jobs, however, lifeguarding requires a lot of training to get the certificate needed to be a lifeguard.

Babysitting is perhaps the best job for students who have hectic schedules due to the fact that you can accept or decline the hours you work and sometimes reschedule if the client’s schedule allows it. Sometimes parents will ask for a routine babysitter, so perhaps they will ask you to pick their kids up from school and walk them home afterwards and babysit on a regular basis. If you’re very busy, there’s occasional babysitting where you can watch over kids on parent’s night’s out or work events. Babysitting typically has a very flexible schedule, except it requires an immense amount of responsibility.

There are countless part-time jobs available to students, many of which offer accommodating schedules due to school and activities you make participate in. Remember, work should not be something that extremely overwhelms you. At times, it’s normal to feel stressed because of the business of life. However, if you are feeling too much anxiety because of your work schedule, talk to your boss or manager to sort out how to make your schedule for your calendar.


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