Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere!

Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere!

by Kaitlyn Hover
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We have all lied before, whether it was about a crush we had or why we forgot to turn in homework. Small lies, or white lies as you may have heard before, are occasional lies that are told that don’t hurt anyone, yourself included. Lying can look many different ways. It can appear as cheating, keeping secrets and much more. Lying can hurt others, and it can also hurt yourself.

Lying can get you in trouble with friends, family, school, work and even the law. When you don’t tell the truth and someone finds out, your integrity* gets pulled into question. Say you tell your friend that you can’t go to her party because you are sick, when really you got invited to another party that your other friend is throwing. Your friend believes you and says it’s okay for you to stay home and rest, but later, they see that someone posted a picture of you at the party on social media. Immediately your friend is going to be hurt and maybe even angry that you lied about what you did. You may lose that friend due to the fact that they don’t know your true intensions with them and if you are even a friend at all. You could also lose your job. Not telling the truth can make you lose friends, be on edge with family or even worse.

Although lying might keep you out of trouble short term, it is never ever worth it in the long run. Everyone lies a little, it’s human nature; however too much lying can cause serious consequences. Remember, it’s always better safe than sorry.

So how can you be more honest with others? Well, it starts with being honest with yourself. Once you are honest with yourself about your personal beliefs and values, it will allow you to open up more freely to others and you won’t feel the need to be misleading. You can find healthy and considerate ways to express yourself. The truth may not always be the easiest thing to admit or say, but in the end, you will gain lots of trust and respect from people. People who are honest with themselves are more likely to be trusted by others and to succeed in life. They are also more likely to gain happiness in their day to day lives and within themselves.

Here are ten ways to become a more honest person (lifehack.org):

  1. Don’t think everyone is out to get you with their criticism: this will help you become less defensive and less likely to lie.
  2. Accept that you aren’t always right: this will allow you to be able to admit mistake.
  3. Realize that the fun is in the effort
  4. Take chances and opportunities.
  5. Do things as soon as possible, stop waiting until tomorrow.
  6. Consider others point of views.
  7. Don’t give up.
  8. Realize when you have taken on too much: that way you can ask for help from others and you will get things done on time.
  9. Accept your feelings.
  10. Quit doubting yourself.

*Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

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