The Benefits of Helping Out at Home

The Benefits of Helping Out at Home

by Anthony Teles
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Chores are a pain! That is one thing that many adults and children can agree on. But they are a very important part of everyday life and no home can get by without all its chores getting done. Your parents might be asking you to do more around the house. Maybe you feel guilty about not doing as much as you could. There are many ways to start building the habit of getting chores done on a regular basis. Your family will appreciate it, your home will be better off for it, and you will benefit in a number of ways.

The sooner you start helping out at home, the quicker it will become a habit. If you are finding this hard to do, keep an eye out for smaller and easier tasks. Put away toys or games when you are done, fill up the pet bowl with food, or take messy plates from the table to the sink. These actions take just seconds to do, and you can see the immediate good that comes from them: a cleaner room, a happy dog, and an empty table. You can feel it too! It feels good to contribute to the household and help out your family.

As you start picking up this good habit, be on the lookout for bigger chores to take care of. Take note of what you see your parents doing, and ask what needs to be done daily and weekly. Every room has to be vacuumed, leaves in the yard have to be raked, and the dishes all have to be cleaned. You are not just being a good son or daughter, but also being a good team member in the household. These important skills will stay with you as you grow older and move out into your own home that will have its own chores in need of getting done.

A study from Harvard University found that children who do chores end up doing better later in life. They were more likely to be happier, healthier, and more independent once they grew up. It helps you feel more confident and more positive about yourself. As you grow older, focus on the chores that you will really benefit from making a habit once you are on your own. Prepare meals for yourself and the rest of your family, do the laundry (and fold it too!), and clean hard-to-reach nooks and areas under or behind furniture or appliances. Your future self will be glad you did!

Start by talking to your parents about wanting to do more to help out. If this has been a problem before, be honest about why you were not doing your chores – whether you were tired from school or simply figured your parents would do them instead. Now be on the lookout for the little tasks that make for a cleaner, nicer home. Slowly make a routine out of bigger and more important chores. You will better connect with your family, be prouder of your home, and be better prepared for the future. Chores may be a pain, but the rewards are worth it!


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