Why Education Matters

Why Education Matters

by Alexa Cairns
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Throughout elementary and high school, you have probably heard students say, “What’s the point of learning this?” and “When am I going to use this information in my future job?” Maybe you have even been the person saying this. However, there is much more to your education than some parabolas and rhetorical devices you may not use when you’re older. Once you grow up and have a job you will quickly realize the importance of education. It’s just hard to imagine it right now as you are in the midst of it. I’ve heard countless adults say that they regret not going back to college or university to get a higher degree because they would have a better chance of earning more money in the long run.

In order to get a full-time job, most require at least a high school diploma, especially jobs that have an average salary. Most students strive for their dream jobs. Whether that be a doctor, psychiatrist, teacher, lawyer; all of these require a high school diploma along with post-secondary education, and more requirements depending on the job you are hoping to achieve. Education is crucial to earning money; the more education you have, the better job you will get and therefore you will earn more money. The only downside is you need to have patience and stick with it. Did you know that approximately 1.2 million high school students drop out every year? A portion of those students will go on to get jobs and work their way up in order to have a full-time job and be successful. However, the majority of these students will suffer the consequences and may not be able to get a full-time job.

Along with this, it’s important in order to have basic education and to be able to do everyday things like writing, calculating, taxes, etc. The more education we have, the more successful we will become, and without any education, how would we be able to everyday tasks at work without having this knowledge? We wouldn’t. Next time you’re shopping and calculating the tax on an item, or calculating how much of your paycheque to put into your savings account, or even giving instructions to a coworker; think about how difficult this would be if you hadn’t had any education at all. It’s important to follow through with your education. When you’re older and it’s time to get a full-time job, everyone wants a high-paying job with a good salary. Secondary and post-secondary education increases your chance at success in the work field immensely.

Lastly, education is important for our society as a whole in order to become smarter, make advances in the medical and science fields and learn more about ourselves and our world. Think back to the 1800s where they had very minimal access to education if any. As a society, we have made such progress with education. There are hundreds of elementary and secondary schools and even a few post-secondary schools that allow access to free education. This is a basic human right that everyone deserves and should partake in so long as they have access to it. It makes an enormous difference in our society when we are all learning and growing together.

It can be exhausting; all of the homework and schoolwork on top of our everyday lives. It can feel unnecessary and stressful. However, all of the hard work and effort we put in, is an investment in our future lives, our families, and ourselves. I can almost guarantee that when you’re older, you will be so glad that you pushed yourself to get through your education. You will see that getting a proper education is worth the outcome.


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