A Future of Uncertainty…

A Future of Uncertainty…

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So, it is your last month of school and you find yourself in your pajamas while reading this- that’s OKAY! Who would have thought your pajamas would get so much use! You might be upset because you cannot attend prom, go to graduation parties and socialize with friends…it sucks. It more than sucks. Everything that this pandemic has brought to the table may seem negative right now. However, you will graduate or move on to the next grade- that is for sure. No one is expecting you to be perfect right now, so remember to take it easy on yourself and take one day at a time. Things have changed, but you will grow stronger with time. You will be able to look back at this time and be amazed about what you actually accomplished under the dire circumstances.

As usual, this is our last issue for the remaining school year. We hope you all received some information you may not have known, or needed to know in order to help you move forward with your career, post secondary choice, or some helpful tips for school in general.

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Take care, Be Safe, and Good luck!

Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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