Simple, Yet Positive Gestures Happening...

Simple, Yet Positive Gestures Happening Around the World During the Pandemic

by Linda Mendes
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The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic for quite a while. During this difficult time, simple, positive gestures and acts of kindness could brighten someone’s day. Around the world, people have been making many positive gestures that have been highlighted by the media and shared around the world. Here are 10 stories from around the world during the pandemic:

  1. An elementary school teacher in the United States, Shauna Woods, shared a trick with her students to help them remember to wash their hands more often. For this trick, Woods used a stamp to stamp her students’ hands. The goal was to try to get the stamp on their hands to disappear or fade by the end of the day. If they could do so, they would receive a prize.
  2. In the United Kingdom, a woman named Becky Wass created a postcard and delivered them to her neighbours. The postcard read, “Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help,” and underneath the message was space for her neighbours to write their contact information as well as if they would like her help with shopping, mail, or a phone call.
  3. The Diamond Princess cruise ship was docked in the port of Yokohama, Japan, due to COVID-19 being spread to over 700 passengers. During that time, the ship’s captain, Captain Gennaro Arma, did his best to keep his passengers entertained with announcements, signs of encouragement, and also with his sense of humour. When it was safe to disembark, Captain Arma, made sure that all of his passengers safely disembarked the ship before he did.
  4. In England, a kind gesture was done for children who were not able to visit their newborn sibling in the hospital due to the restrictions placed in hospitals for the pandemic. A lead neonatal nurse, Rachel Whyte, and her co-workers donated dozens of giant teddy bears to the children.
  5. In Canada, Anastasija and Josh Davis were supposed to get married in front of over 100 guests. After strict rules regarding gatherings were placed, they had to replan their wedding. They decided to get married in the groom’s parents’ living room in front of immediate family and his best man. As they were in their limousine, going to another location to take photos, they noticed their friends on the streets with signs, balloons, streamers, and music playing from their cars to commemorate the wedding with the newlyweds.
  6. Bob Shellard, a 90-year-old man in the United States wanted to go celebrate his 67th wedding anniversary with his 88-year-old wife at her nursing home. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, he could not enter the building to be with his wife. He decided to create a sign and bring balloons to show to his wife from outside her window. The sign read “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy anniversary.”
  7. In Spain, a group of neighbours on lockdown planned to sing “Happy Birthday” to their 80-year-old neighbour, Charo. They put a birthday cake outside her door and called out for her to open the door. When Charo opened the door and saw the cake, she began to cry as her neighbours sang to her.
  8. In Canada, four Briercrest College and Seminary seniors were on a flight back to Canada from their school’s volleyball tournament. Knowing that the college seniors were not going to have a graduation ceremony, the college’s chaplain, Joelle Epp, and the WestJet flight attendants surprised the students with a ceremony of their own. The ceremony included diplomas and Kit Kats.
  9. In Singapore, a resident, Jennifer Le, saw elderly people waiting in line outside pharmacies to buy face masks. She decided to help out by ordering face masks from Vietnam, have the masks brought to her by a friend, and distributed them in Singapore.
  10. In Spain, Italy, and Israel, quarantined people scheduled times to hold rounds of applause from their balconies and rooftops for healthcare workers treating the ill.





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