A Changing World Online and Offline

A Changing World Online and Offline

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Welcome back, Everyone!

You might be reading this right now, still, from your kitchen or living room, or nicely done-up school office. Maybe you have chosen to do half of your school time in person and the other, at home. These are the very likely scenarios faced by most students in Canada right now. You have all been through so much change, it is hard to believe! But, you are in it and serve as living proof that change and adaptation is possible in any circumstance. In this JPD issue, we have a series of other students sharing their ONLINE LEARNING experiences and what it is like for them, personally. Those articles discuss important things like what we might be missing out on if we only stick to online learning. There are many pros and cons to online learning, and some students and teachers are still trying to get the hang of it. We’ll all get there!

Some Articles of Note:

 Campus Life: How to Form and Online Study Group- Maria Cruz

Featured Articles: My Online Learning Experience- Elora Pharai

Campus Life: What We Loose if We Only Do Online Learning– Alona Fiandaca

Campus Life: Switching Gears and Changing Careers– Erin Rebello

 Community: Job Market Challenges and Opportunities for the Differently Abled in the COVID 19 Era– Anthony Teles


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