Career Profile: Pest Control Worker

Career Profile: Pest Control Worker

by Susan Huebert
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No one likes to have cockroaches or other pests at home or in their workplace. Getting rid of them can be difficult, but experts can help. The job of pest control worker can be difficult at times, but it is important for keeping buildings clean. If you can work with chemicals and can deal with insects and other animals, you might want to consider this useful trade.

Buildings can have pests in them for many reasons. Sometimes mice get in through holes in the walls or the floor. Garbage and dirt can attract insects. Both can bring disease, eat people’s food, or just make life unpleasant for everyone. When people find these animals, they frequently call pest control workers to help.

Becoming a pest control worker involves both education and experience. The basic requirements are a high school education and courses to learn about the chemicals and the basics of how to apply them. These chemicals can be dangerous, and the proper training is essential for anyone in this field. In some parts of Canada, certification is also necessary.

Pest control work involves going to many different places in response to calls. These people might work in small companies or have their own businesses. Pest control workers might need to answer phones and make appointments, depending on the size of the business. When they go to people’s homes and businesses to deal with pests, they need to be able to explain clearly what they are doing and what the customers need to do. In some cases, pest control workers also need to know accounting to deal with bills and payments.

The job of a pest control worker is not physically difficult, but the chemicals can be dangerous. Workers in this field should be careful not to breathe in the chemicals or burn their skin. Sometimes, workers have to crawl into narrow spaces to apply the chemicals or set traps for mice. Strong muscles are usually not a requirement, but endurance is important for being able to work long days.

Generally, pest control is a full-time job, although some part-time jobs might also be available. As people age, they might want to move from doing the daily pest control to work in managing the arrangements. Depending on their experience and other factors, pest control workers earn between $31,000 and $60,000 per year. Jobs are available anywhere, but cities have more possibilities for work than smaller places do.

Knowledge is extremely important in a field like pest control. Keeping up with reading and learning about the latest developments can help people to find the best methods. Special circumstances might mean that pest control workers need to find different ways of doing their job. For example, breathing in the chemicals can be dangerous. If customers have allergies or other breathing problems like asthma, the pest control workers might need to find creative ways to change what they do.

Working in pest control is a very important job. If you choose this field, you will never be out of work, and you will be able to help many people to live more comfortable lives.


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