How to Be Your Own Boss in Work &...

How to Be Your Own Boss in Work & Life

by Anthony Teles
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We are often told what to do in life. Between the watchful eye and expectations of your parents, the demands and workload handed down from your teachers and professors, and favours asked by fellow students and friends, you are being pulled in many different directions. It is time to take control of your life. Being your own boss is an idea often related to the entrepreneurial world and self-employment. While that can play a huge role in taking on a greater sense of control, there are different ways to implement that strategy in all areas of your life.

Studying in school is a great time to figure out what “be your own boss” means to you. For some people, this means self-employment. For others, it means having full control over their free time or having the freedom to pursue their interests or passions. Take advantage of your evenings and weekends outside of classes and schoolwork to consider what is important to you and what would make you feel like your own boss. Life can be full of distractions, and we often can end up off-course from our dreams without realizing it. Stay focused on the goals that matter most to you. Make a list, keep a journal, and join groups that fit your interests and goals. If you are currently dissatisfied with where you are at in your studies or other areas in your life, take a stand. Be ready to make a change instead of waiting for changes to happen.

What do you want to do with your life? This is a daunting question, but one that requires much thought in order to take control. Start making a habit of exploring and trying new things. Even if you are in school and working, you can still attend events for networking, how to start a company, and more. Consider what you already know and what you want to learn, and explore businesses and activities that connect to your dreams and passions. At the same time, stay on top of your budget and finances. Being an entrepreneur means your personal and business lives are interwoven. By ensuring you live within your means and can finance the endeavours that matter, you can confidently be your own boss and not depend on others.

Do not stay comfortable. So many people play it safe and in doing so end up lacking control over their lives. Step out of that comfort zone and be ready to challenge yourself. This can be as small a step as researching how to go about a business idea or passion, or as big as moving to a new city. Build a presence for yourself online through social media or your own website; be confident in presenting yourself in a way that can build your business and life. Have the courage to tell people “no” when you do not want to take on something that does not align with your goals, and be brave enough to leave behind parts of your life that hinder your progress, such as bad habits or a job that makes you unhappy. Being your own boss means taking steps that so many others are too reluctant or afraid to take.

Always work on bettering yourself each and every day. Being your own boss is so much more than starting a business or living as an entrepreneur. It is about taking charge of your own time, making decisions that will improve your life, and striving towards your full potential. By figuring out what it is you want and how to go about it reasonably, you can live the life you want instead of a life handed to you. This requires bravery and resiliency to handle successes and failures along the way. Be brave. Be bold. Be your own boss.


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