How to Keep Your Mind off of COVID-19...

How to Keep Your Mind off of COVID-19 but Stay Safe

by Anthony Teles
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We are all sick of COVID-19! It is all over the news, in all our conversations with friends and family, and in our mind day after day. The pandemic is a serious health risk and must be taken seriously, but that does not mean it has to get all that negative attention. Worrying so much about it will not change anything. You can take your mind off of it. There are different ways to do so while still staying safe. Let us take a look at techniques and ideas for focusing less on the pandemic without putting yourself at risk.

It can be hard to find distractions from bad thoughts when you are stuck at home. Try to limit how much news you take in from websites and social media. It is important to still keep up with what is happening in the world, but it only takes so long to do that. Instead of getting sucked into hours of tweets and posts, turn off your devices or take a break from social media. Spend some time pursuing a hobby around your home without your phone. Do some exercise or some cleaning. This will help you both mentally and physically, while still making sure you are safe and indoors.

Going outside does not have to mean masks and social distancing. This is the perfect time to explore nature in your area. Go for a hike, get out on the water, or spend a sunny afternoon in the park. You can enjoy being out and about without the constant reminders of the pandemic. Instead, focus on where you are in the moment. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of everything around you. Use the quiet of the outdoors to practice some yoga or meditation, or take down your thoughts in a journal. You can stay outside and stay safe.

Not everything has to be done alone. Take advantage of this situation to spend extra time with your family members. Instead of talking about the pandemic, enjoy some fun events such as game nights or binge-watching a new show. You can all take your mind off of COVID-19 while staying safe within your social bubble. Keep in touch with your friends through phone calls, video chats, and text messages. Just like with your family, have virtual game or movie nights that allow you to have fun without dwelling on what is happening in the world. We are all experiencing the same concerns and worries, and so spending time together to help us forget about all that is helpful for all of us.

It seems we cannot go more than a few hours without hearing someone talk about COVID-19. It is very important for our health to take our minds off of the issue. There are plenty of ways to do that without putting yourself or others at risk of getting sick. You can do lots of safe things at home, outside, and with others that will greatly benefit your physical and mental well-being. Now stop worrying and go find something else to do!


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