The Importance of Studying Animals

The Importance of Studying Animals

by Anthony Teles
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We love animals. From the pets in our homes to the wildlife in parks and forests, animals bring people a lot of joy. They play such a big role in our lives, ecosystems, and the planet, and so it is important that we learn as much as we can about them. By studying animals, you can learn more about yourself, your friends and family, and the world. They are far more than just cute creatures to look at or play with.

Ethology is the science of animal behaviour. It allows us to learn more about how they live and helps us in many different ways. Animals have wants, needs, and emotions like we do. Ethologists use different tests in order to figure out what they prefer and what motivates them. For preference tests, animals are placed in a maze with food or toys in different spots, in order to see where they go. For motivation tests, animals have to perform certain behaviours to get a reward. All of this helps us better understand them, as well as better understand how to treat them well and live alongside them. We learn to be more considerate of our pets and the animals we see outside, and can even learn more about our own preferences and motivations.

Learning about animals and how they interact with each other helps us better understand how we live and work alongside our friends and family. A lot of research has been done on how chimpanzees and monkeys cooperate and get along in groups. This research has been used to make more sense of aggressive and negative behaviours amongst humans. By looking at how animals express their emotions, we have been able to know more about how the people in our lives do the same. Scientists have used the development of monkeys and communication between birds to gain insight into how the babies and children in our lives develop. Humans evolved just like all the other animals on this planet, and gaining understanding of them means building a better understanding of us.

Studying animals makes the world a better place for all of us. With the assistance of animal scientists, farmers are able to improve breeding and nutrition, as well as ensure that farming has less of an impact on the environment. Learning more about animals also provides better understanding of how diseases spread and what can be done about it. Humans have caused a lot of destruction and harm to the planet. Studying animals can change that. We can learn how to better live alongside nature and the other creatures we coexist with on this planet.

We are animals too. Humans are creatures that happened to evolve with big brains, but we share a lot in common with our pets and fellow creatures. It is important to learn about animals to ensure they live better lives. It also leads to us having a better understanding of ourselves, of the people around us, and the planet on which we live. Studying animals is an exciting and powerful way to lead to better lives for all living things.


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