Balancing Requirements for Two...

Balancing Requirements for Two Different Careers

by Susan Huebert
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When people are growing up, they often search around for the right career path to follow. If they like to work with their hands, they might become carpenters or electricians. If they like to read and talk with others about interesting facts, they might become teachers or librarians. Sometimes, however, they might eventually work at two completely different careers, just as I have been doing. Learning to balance the demands of both is challenging, but it can also be worth the effort.

Working two jobs can be difficult, even when the jobs are similar to each other. Organizing a schedule that also includes time for personal tasks like eating and sleeping can be a challenge, and workers can easily become overtired and stressed as they move from one job to another, often in the same day. When one job is based at home, as it is for me, it can be hard to set aside time for relaxation when there is always something more that I could be doing.

For several years, I have been walking dogs for seniors, as well as doing freelance writing. In summer, one of the writing jobs turned into full-time work, but I have carried on with the dog walking as I feel an obligation to continue (and besides, I like the dogs). Having an emotional connection with the furry clients is an important factor among dog walkers, and it can be difficult to leave them behind.

My full-time job is very flexible, as I am writing and editing for a driving school, in addition to freelance writing for several other publications. Thus, I can write an article on parking brakes or the difference between freeways and highways as I am cooking my supper, and I can plan my next book review as I am trying to keep one of the dogs from eating something that could make her sick.

In some ways, the two jobs are a good contrast with each other. The dog walking ensures that I always get outdoor exercise, no matter how cold or wet the weather is, while the writing work gives me economic stability and the chance to use my mind and my love of words to discuss a variety of topics, even if I find some of the subjects uninteresting.

Yet balancing the two jobs can be difficult, especially as the dogs live quite far from me. Being organized and self-disciplined are key skills for anyone who works at more than one job. Getting up early to write, organizing my grocery shopping around the dog walking, and even working on the bus are some of the tactics that I have used.

Working at two different types of jobs can take a mental shift as I move from writing to dog walking and back. However, the process of getting to and from the dogs provides a break to help me change my focus from one to another. If you find yourself in a similar situation someday, you will need to discover your own ways of making the switch from one job to another.



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