Online Schooling: My Story…

Online Schooling: My Story…

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By Maryam Sheikh

Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you. You’ve made it through 3 months of online school and you should be proud of yourself. I know it hasn’t been easy…

From waking up early for Zoom classes to spending late nights on your laptop, you have been pushing yourself through an uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and scary year. I know that it’s been isolating at times, but you should know that you’ve demonstrated a lot of tenacity during these times. Over the course of the semester, I’ve been trying my best to incorporate some healthy habits that let me make the most of my school days. I’ll be sharing some of them below.

One activity I’ve been incorporating into my study routine is scheduling virtual study sessions with my friends. We hop onto Zoom calls and work independently, unmuting ourselves every once in a while to check in on and motivate each other. Occasionally, we try to reward ourselves by having a “fun” call sometime in the week to get our minds off of our schoolwork.

This idea plays an important role in staying accountable for your online work. Sometimes, it can be daunting to get started on assignments, but knowing that you have peers in the same boat can make it a little bit easier. Furthermore, if you need any help or need peer editing on your assignments, you can get it on your study calls.

Another way to stay productive is to time your study sessions! For example, I set 30 minutes for my tasks and then take a 5-7 minute break in between. This way, you effectively chunk up your time and you can also track how long it takes you to complete certain work so that your planning becomes more accurate as the semester goes on.

Screen burnout is very much a reality this term! Between attending virtual classes and completing assignments and projects online, many of us may be finding ourselves at our screens more often than not. If possible, I’d recommend finding ways to take your studying offline. For example, consider exploring different forms of notetaking such as making flashcards, creating mindmaps and drawings, or writing your notes out artistically.

When you take your breaks, try your best to participate in activities other than looking at your phone or watching TV. Instead, opt for activities that don’t require a screen. If you have pets, take some time out of your day to cuddle or play with them. If you want to unleash your inner chef, experiment with lunches and other meals during the day. Also- take care of your body! There are a bunch of home workouts that you can try. You can also just take a run around your neighbourhood to release some of your stress.

Lastly, end your days off on a positive note! After working hard for the day, remember to take some time for yourself. Try starting a gratitude journal or reflecting on the tasks you’ve accomplished throughout the day. Setting your goals for the next day can also help you have a clear idea of what to do in the morning. Remember to re-energize your body by getting a good night of sleep!

You’ve got this- you have made it this far and though the path ahead may seem long, with the support of your loved ones and a good work ethic, you’ll make it through. I believe in you!

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