A Greener Nook of Your Own:...

A Greener Nook of Your Own: Eco-friendly Steps for Your Space

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Environmental issues like climate change may have taken a backseat to the pandemic crisis for now, but this doesn’t mean they are to be ignored. There are still pertinent concerns pertaining to our environment that need to be addressed, and while global attention to them is lacking at the moment, you can do your part through an eco-friendly redesign of your space. Let’s look at a few recommendations below.

Go for organic bedding.

Several stores now offer a slew of organic bedsheets and pillowcases to help make your bedchambers nontoxic. Check out online reviews from websites like LeafScore.com to get detailed information so you can make a wise purchasing decision that ensures your comfort and helps the environment.

Limit the use of disposable items.

Now that restaurants and other food services are only open for take-out, it certainly has become more difficult to keep our use of disposable items like eating utensils in check. However, you can always do something more by asking the staff to not provide you with eating utensils as you’re eating from home anyway.

Do away with the bottled water.

Water is essential to our daily lives, but it’s time to do away with the bottled water. Go instead for a water filter that you can keep in your fridge and buy a good-quality and eco-friendly water bottle to carry with you if you do have to step out of your space.

Learn how to recycle.

If you have tons of notes on paper, don’t trash them away with the garbage. Instead, get a blue recycling bin to throw them into and keep it alongside your regular garbage bin. And it’s not just paper you can recycle. Those boxes that come with your orders from Amazon and other online sites can be recycled too. Make sure to tear out the part with your name and other personal information before you throw them out though.

Buy LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones.

LED bulbs may be pricier than their incandescent counterparts, but the investment is definitely worth it as they last longer and are friendlier to the environment. They provide the same light output you need as you go through your books but use less energy.

Make your own coffee.

We all know how coffee is an important part of our lives, but it’s time to invest in a coffee brewer for your cup of joe instead of heading to coffee shop every time you need a shot of caffeine. If a coffee machine is out of your budget right now and you do have to caffeinate, look out for coffee shops that allow you to use your own tumbler or thermos so you can do away with those disposable coffee cups.

Use cloth napkins or rags.

To keep your space clean, you often rely on paper towels or napkins. However, this is environmentally unfriendly so go instead for cloth napkins or rags which you can wash with your laundry. If you don’t have anything available, go through your old clothes and find something that you probably won’t miss wearing.

Those are a few simple tips for a greener personal space. Time to get started!






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