Coping with the Cold COVID Winter

Coping with the Cold COVID Winter

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The cold, dark days of winter are always tough. Adding a pandemic on top of that sure doesn’t help. I hope you’re all finding ways to get through it, whether that means reaching out and connecting to friends and family, or taking joy in simple things like a good book or a hobby you can do at home. Springtime is not far off! My depression usually peaks in February each winter, but there’s a silver lining to the COVID-19 cloud.

The pandemic has made that time spent with family and friends more special, and those little joys feel grander. It has highlighted inequalities in society and shed light on what needs to change from the status quo we all knew a year ago. Winter, with its snow days and early sunsets, has always been the perfect time to pause and think of the road ahead. This is more true than ever. February is our chance to reflect on everything that’s changed since last year and what we’ll be doing going forward.

What do you want your relationship with your loved ones to look like? Which parts of the pandemic, such as remote work and a slower pace of life, do you want to carry with you after lockdowns are lifted? How can you do your part to address the economic, social, and racial inequalities the pandemic has highlighted? These are questions we’re all facing. By taking the time to answer them, we can take control of our lives after months of feeling powerless.

I’ve greatly enjoyed putting together the articles for JPD for these first months of 2021. I’m excited to keep at it in the months ahead, working with our wonderful writers to help you answer those questions along with many others. The warmer days of spring are several weeks away, but let’s make the rest of winter more than just a waiting game.

Anthony Teles

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