Fun Family Day Ideas During the Pandemic

Fun Family Day Ideas During the Pandemic

by Linda Mendes
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Don’t worry, COVID-19 did not cancel Family Day. You and your family can still celebrate this special day as long as you all remember that there is a pandemic. Now, you’re probably wondering what it is you could do now that the pandemic has shut most things down. To make things easier for you and your family, here are five things you could do during your Family Day.

Start the Day with Family Breakfast

Have you ever thought of combining your first Family Day activity with the first meal of your day? There are many sweet and savory breakfast ideas you could make. You and your family could take the time to prepare and enjoy the meal and clean up afterward. This could make the start of your day even better!

Explore the Outdoors

Exploring new places is always fun! Unfortunately, ever since the pandemic began, many places have been shut down. Just because certain places have been shut down does not mean you and your family can’t explore the outdoors. You could go visit a park you all have never been to and go on a hike. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, you could always go on a drive and explore around your city. Don’t feel like leaving your home? You could enjoy some time with your family right outside your house. If there is snow outdoors, you could make snowmen and snow castles.

Start a Family Day Tradition

Your family probably has a few traditions for certain holidays. If your family does not have a tradition for Family Day, it is never too late to start one! Think of something you could all do every year and make sure you don’t forget it. Your family could vote on which idea they like best. Write down the new Family Day tradition on a calendar so you won’t forget the next time Family Day comes around.

Enjoy a Family Game Night

When was the last time you’ve played board games or card games with your family? If you had to think about the answer, it has probably been too long. Having family game nights can be very entertaining and help your family bond. You could buy any type of board game, card game, and puzzle. If you’d like, your family could create a board game at home, and afterward, you could all play!

Have a Movie Marathon

Watching movies is a relaxing way to spend some time with your family. Unfortunately, with this pandemic, you and your family can’t go to the movie theater. A good idea is to watch movies in the comfort of your own home. Everyone could pick their favourite movie and you could watch them all. It’s best to have your movie marathon at night with the lights off, just like the movie theater. Don’t forget to bring your favourite snacks and drinks!

If you didn’t have any ideas on how to spend your Family Day, now you have five! Make this Family Day special. Throughout this holiday, do not forget that we should be cautious at all times because of the pandemic we are still facing. Although you should be careful, COVID-19 shouldn’t get in the way of having fun.

Have a happy and safe Family Day!







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