Stay-at-Home Resources for Learning STEM

Stay-at-Home Resources for Learning STEM

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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With the increasing number of infections and rising death toll due to the pandemic, people have realized the importance of STEM-based skills to help combat the effects of future viruses of a similar nature that could plague the world just as COVID-19 did. We were unprepared for the pandemic, but knowledgeable scientists, researchers, and medical professionals worked hard to lessen its blows to public health by working on health and safety protocols and formulating vaccinations. In addition, engineers also stepped up to launch innovations to help the general population cope with the virus, like face shields that utilize 3D-printing technology.

STEM-based knowledge is definitely advantageous during these crucial times, which is why it’s more relevant than ever to promote resources that encourage developing these skills to youth. Let’s look at some of these resources below.

STEM-Works (http://stem-works.com/activities)

This website provides a wide range of STEM-based topics, from health care innovations to robotics. If you’re someone who’s just beginning to enhance your STEM knowledge, the website will be a useful tool for you to get more familiar with the different avenues that involve STEM. The website has a user-friendly design that makes learning more fun. A bonus is that it also provides a platform for you to provide feedback or suggested activities, so you can get your creative juices flowing and even help to improve the site.

Exploratorium (https://www.exploratorium.edu/explore)

Exploratorium offers STEM-based knowledge that goes beneath the surface. This website takes a deep dive on a variety of topics and provides an in-depth look into subjects that will surely catch your interest, like Mars exploration or mummification. If you’re the type who likes to do experiments, this website gives you ideas on activities you can do safely at home to widen your knowledge.

HowStuffWorks (https://science.howstuffworks.com/)

This is a great website when you truly want to take a deep dive on everything under the sun that relates to STEM, from innovations to engineering. While the presentation may be encyclopedic, it does help to have an ample amount of information to fully understand how stuff works. The website also has an interesting section titled “Science Vs. Myth” which delves into topics which often have us wondering whether they’re real or not, like crop circles and werewolves. This website is definitely worth investing your time in.

Science Buddies (https://www.sciencebuddies.org/)

This website not only provides extensive information on STEM topics, it also encourages and inspires young students to gain their own perspectives by asking them thought-provoking questions. While the website’s presentation may be simpler than other similar sites, it’s still a great one to bookmark!

Funology (https://www.funology.com/)

If developing your STEM knowledge in a fun way is more to your liking, then this website suits you best. Funology has a wide range of offerings that go beyond providing mere information and suggested experiments, like arts and crafts activities, games, magic tricks, trivia, and jokes. With Funology, there’s never a dull moment while you boost your STEM knowledge.

There’s no better time to build up your STEM know-how than now. Have fun and happy learning!




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