The Benefits of Stretching and How to...

The Benefits of Stretching and How to Make It a Habit

by Linda Mendes
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Stretching is something everyone does, but not everyone stretches all the muscles in their body. Daily stretching is very beneficial in many different ways. If you would like to know the benefits of stretching and how to make it a habit, below are some tips and information that will surely help you!

Why is Stretching Good for You?

There are several different reasons why stretching is good for you. The following are a few reasons that will surely convince you to begin stretching more often!

  1. Stretching the muscles in your lower back, shoulders, and chest helps improve your posture and keep your back in better alignment.
  2. Decrease the stiffness in your muscles and increase your range of motion.
  3. Prevent injuring a muscle if you make a sudden move.
  4. Help your muscles hold less tension, which can reduce and manage your feeling of stress.
  5. Finally, stretching your muscles after a workout keeps your muscles loose which can help prevent post-workout soreness and pains.

Making Stretching a Habit

After reading a few reasons why stretching is good for you, you’re probably wondering how to make it a habit. It is something everyone should learn. Below are some steps to help you include stretching in your daily routine and make it a habit.

  • Start small! If you’re beginning to add stretching into your routine, it’s best to start small. You could stretch for a few minutes and increase the amount as your body gets used to it.
  • Find different stretches! Doing the same stretches over again will only benefit certain muscles. Find different stretches and rotate between them to stretch all areas of your body.
  • Create a schedule! As mentioned earlier, stretching daily is very beneficial. To stick to stretching, it is best to set a time to stretch every day.
  • Spice it up! You could stretch anywhere and at any time. It could be done while you’re in bed, sitting at a desk, or in the shower. You could also add music in the background to get you motivated.

Tips for Proper Stretching

Did you know that you could injure yourself if you do not stretch correctly? Learning how to stretch properly is something everyone should learn. If you would like to learn how to stretch properly, these tips are for you!

  • Don’t begin stretching with cold muscles! Cold muscles are muscles that have not been warmed up. Before stretching, take 5 to 10 minutes to do some light cardio. This could include walking or jogging.
  • Don’t overstretch! Stretching the same muscles several times a day can damage your muscles.
  • Don’t stretch to the point of discomfort! It is normal to feel tension while stretching, but it is never good to feel pain. If you feel pain, stop stretching that area and let the muscle rest.

Stretching may not be safe for you if you have an existing injury or have any physical limitations that can keep you from properly stretching. If you do have an injury or physical limitation, you should talk to your doctor before stretching.







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