Living Off Campus

Living Off Campus

by Gale Blaylock

Finally you have a shower and bathroom that’s your own, or shared with only a few. You can do in your room whatever you want as loudly or quietly as you want to. You have a lot more personal freedom (and personal peace and quiet) than your friends do back on the campus. You can buy your own groceries, which means you can enjoy some good home cooking

Be Picky About Your Housemates
If you’re looking for housemates, look carefully. Don’t assume everyone is honest or fair on the first glance. Make sure you know everyone well, and if you don’t, get references. New roomies shouldn’t care about you asking for references and if they do, think twice!
Look for someone with a history of being responsible. When the rent comes due, you need someone you can trust to pay up, regularly and on time.  In most cases you will have to sign an agreement with the landlord that says if someone doesn’t pay, you will all have to be responsible for the money your housemate owes.  They may even call your parents to share in this money owed to them.
Also look for someone who shares your ideas of quietness and neatness or living arrangements in general. Slobs need to live with slobs, and people who like to play heavy rock at midnight need to find roomies who enjoy rock at midnight. (Although, I don’t know when they study)
If you’re a neat freak, look for another neat person. Otherwise you’re asking for constant conflict with someone who doesn’t mind the smell of beer-soaked carpet, or crusty dirty dishes on the coffee table.
Before you move in, talk about how you feel about overnight guests, drug and alcohol use and late-night parties. Talk all this stuff out in the beginning, so everybody knows what the house rules are
Enjoy and have fun!
Prince Edward Island

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