Published on July, 2011

First Year University Woes

July 31st, 2011; By Teri-Lynn Friesen

With August quickly approaching and September right around the corner, those of you in your first year of University may be feeling a little nervous. I do not blame you! […]

The Outdoor Adventure Industry: Not Your Typical Day at the Office

July 31st, 2011; By EricaReid

A brief window into the thrill based and skill based world of adventure sport. The vast array of dangerous jobs out there has started to receive more exposure, especially with […]

Too Cool for School !

July 31st, 2011; By Cheryl Marie

“A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.” – Horrace Mann It is important to remember messages such as these when the pressure of high […]

1st Hand Knowledge on 2nd Hand Shopping

July 31st, 2011; By EricaReid

The benefits of shopping vintage and the best ways to go about it.   At a younger age, I had a fear of purchasing second hand (other people had touched […]

Debt: Your New BFF

July 31st, 2011; By Sharon Deng

Debt is a four letter word that should not be feared. Students who learn how to manage debt during university are paying themselves a great investment. You may be hearing […]

Summer School: Why it’s Worth Your Time

July 31st, 2011; By Kristen Mcbain

Although the thought of spending a beautiful summer’s day inside a dark classroom while others are lounging at the beach may sound less than appealing, in the long run taking […]

Get Hooked on Summer Journaling

July 2nd, 2011; By Julia Shaw

School is out for the summer and for most students, summer journaling is the last thing on their minds. Sure it is fun to hang out with family and friends, […]