Summer School: Why it’s Worth...

Summer School: Why it’s Worth Your Time

by Kristen Mcbain
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Although the thought of spending a beautiful summer’s day inside a dark classroom while others are lounging at the beach may sound less than appealing, in the long run taking summer school may actually prove to be one of the best decisions you will make while at college or university. Here’s why:

1.) Finish your degree in less time

On average, it takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree. However, many students are now taking an extra year to finish their degree, which allows for a less stressful and demanding course load each semester. Having said this, there is a way to keep the stress level down without taking an extra year to complete your degree. By taking two courses per summer, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in just four years, while taking a manageable four courses per semester during the school year. By opting to cut your course load by just one class a semester (and instead take these classes during the summer), you can increase your free time while at the same time decreasing your stress. In addition, taking just two classes each summer means that you will still have extra time to get a part-time summer job, go on vacation, or just relax!

2.) Smaller class sizes

If you’ve ever been one of four hundred students in an introductory psychology class, you know that quality one-on-one time with the professor is hard to come by. Although teaching assistants are usually made available via email and office hours in larger classes, it simply doesn’t compare to the valuable one-on-one direction and assistance of the professor which is usually an integral part of smaller classes. The smaller size of summer school classes also provides greater opportunity for group work and interaction with fellow students. Depending on whether you prefer to brainstorm in groups or to work solo, this may or may not be seen as a benefit. Furthermore, professors are generally more lenient with due dates and the formalities of the class, and lectures are much more laid-back in summer school. With a more relaxed atmosphere, classes are less daunting and more enjoyable.

3.) Shorter course durations

Many summer school classes are concentrated into four or eight week sessions, making it the perfect time to get the more tedious classes over and done with in a relatively short amount of time. Or, on the other hand, if you want to take a class that you have a greater interest in, summer school allows for an intense focus on the subject matter. This may seem slightly paradoxical given the shorter duration of summer classes, but the greater amount of group work and one-on-one time with the professor means that you can discuss the subject matter in greater depth and hopefully gain a better understanding of the material. And, as stated before, taking fewer courses of shorter duration means that you can still have a fun and relaxing summer while at the same time working towards finishing your degree in less time!




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