Published on August, 2011

First Jobs that Don’t Come with Fries

August 31st, 2011; By Sharon Deng

One of the first milestones you’ll hit after puberty and before graduation will be your first job. Nothing says adulthood like going to work (even if it’s part time). Noreen […]

Don’t Be THAT Girl

August 31st, 2011; By Sharon Deng

Your hair is so ugly! Did you gain weight? Have you heard some of these or other worse things uttered in the hallways? Were you the one who said some […]

A BA Education: Personal Interests vs. Practicality

August 31st, 2011; By 0 Backup WordPress

“What can you do with that degree?”  This is one of the most common (and sometimes irritating) questions that virtually all liberal arts university students get asked during their undergraduate […]

Happy New Year! Woot! Woot!

August 31st, 2011; By Gale Blaylock

Doesn’t it seem like New Years when your going back to school? You’re full of hopes, promise, and new resolutions. You have  thoughts like: “I’m not going to be late this […]