Happy New Year! Woot! Woot!

Happy New Year! Woot! Woot!

by Gale Blaylock
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Doesn’t it seem like New Years when your going back to school? You’re full of hopes, promise, and new resolutions. You have  thoughts like: “I’m not going to be late this year, not even once” or “I’m going to focus, and get my work done” or “I’m going to be nice this year,  to everyone!”

This is a fun and exciting time of year.

For those of you starting high school this year – welcome! This is the beginning of your high school years -enjoy!  Get involved with your school because it’s lots of fun and you’ll meet great new friends. Take just 15  minutes at night to go over notes, and exams will be a breeze.

For those in the middle years, you’re lucky too! You’re settled, you know the school, you should know what works and what doesn’t.  These are the years when marks start to matter regarding your post secondary choices. Be sure to look at all types of careers, investigate, and experience as much as you can. Find your passions, and look for careers in that area.

Seniors, omg! This is your last year! You’ll remember this year forever. Be sure to find out what you need in terms of marks for getting accepted to your chosen post-secondary schools (find out early, and make a plan). Have fun, make memories, but remember, your choices this year will affect your future. Think first! Finally, you’re the senior, the grade 9ers will look young, and they’ll be looking up to you. Be a mentor!

Good luck everyone! Be the best you can be, and most of all, have fun and be SMART.

JobsPeopleDo Staff

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