Published on October, 2011

JobsPeopleDo.com is expanding again!

October 31st, 2011; By Gale Blaylock

We aspire to be that place for high school and pre post secondary students, a place to find out the information you need in order to prepare for and make […]

Why Study Philosophy?

October 31st, 2011; By Colin Walker

Many people, students and teachers, put-down philosophy as a degree that isn’t “practical” in the real world, that you need an education that trains you for a specific career. But […]

World population grows to 7 billion

October 30th, 2011; By The Globe and Mail

Written by David Crary Halloween this year brings with it a new spectre. As of Oct. 31 there will be 7 billion people sharing Earth’s land and resources, the UN […]

Not Your “Typical” Welder: Women in the Trades

October 30th, 2011; By Chelsea Mizzi

Let’s be honest how many of us girls grew up dreaming of being a mechanic or a welder? The answer is probably not many, and if you did you probably […]

C.O.W.S. !

October 30th, 2011; By Darlene Markov

Today’s world is filled with fast and convenient foods which fit in to our busy lifestyles. How many of you have given any thought to how the foods you eat […]

Trick of the Trade

October 30th, 2011; By Giulio Rocco

With so much attention brought to the business and management industries during Canadaʼs rekindling economic climate, many core fields of work are being overlooked by the students; one of these being […]

Ontario’s new mobile OSAP app

October 30th, 2011; By Gale Blaylock

Checking the status of an OSAP application is as easy as posting on Facebook or Twitter. Ontario’s new mobile OSAP app is the first interactive app of its kind for […]