Ontario’s new mobile OSAP app

Ontario’s new mobile OSAP app

by Gale Blaylock
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Checking the status of an OSAP application is as easy as posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Ontario’s new mobile OSAP app is the first interactive app of its kind for the government. It will allow busy students to get up-to-date information and check their application status on their smart phone. Students applying for OSAP will now know when and how much they can expect to receive from OSAP — anywhere, anytime.

Going mobile is just one of the recent OSAP improvements that is making life easier for Ontario students. This year, applications will be made available months earlier and students have access to a brand-new OSAP website. The changes will help students understand what financial aid is available sooner so they can plan better and focus more on their studies.

With more financial aid options than ever before, the province is making college and university easier to access for students. This is an important part of the McGuinty government’s Open Ontario to help every student succeed and build a knowledge based economy for the future.


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