Why Study Philosophy?

Why Study Philosophy?

by Colin Walker
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Many people, students and teachers, put-down philosophy as a degree that isn’t “practical” in the real world, that you need an education that trains you for a specific career. But is this true? The philosophy major does not provide specific training for a field but it does provide the necessary basis for graduate school and for future studies. In todays world where everyone has a BA graduate schooling is becoming a necessity for current graduates. Philosophy is a discipline that has marketable qualities and proven success in the business world and in applications to graduate schools.

Graduate Schools

Philosophy trains students for graduate studies arguably better than many other disciplines. They outperformmost other majors on the GMAT and GRE as well as outperforming business majors on the GMAT. As far as post-graduate schooling philosophy majors are open to medical, law, business and journalism schools. Philosophy majors regularly get accepted to these schools and as far as law is concerned philosophy is the best training because of its logic component.

Writing Ability

Philosophy majors are always expected to write papers. This contributes to philosophy majors generally having exceptional writing abilities. This skill is very marketable to all disciplines and employers are always interested in an applicant‘s ability to write.

Thinking Critically

Philosophy is literally translated, the degree of knowledge. Thinking critically is a major component of studying philosophy. Evaluating the validity of arguments is essential to success in philosophy and a philosophy graduate has spent years evaluating arguments.


Adam Smith the founder of capitalism was not an economist or businessman, but a philosopher. Many of the fundamental problems in philosophy are common to the problems faced by businessmen on a day-to-day basis. Also, as I have mentioned philosophy majors are trained in critical thinking and writing. This is essential to anyone pursuing business.


Philosophy provides training in critical thinking, writing and the history of thought (and much more). These qualities are essential for a teacher to transmit to students. I have found through experience that my favorite high-school teachers are philosophy majors.


During a philosophy major a logic component is necessary. This logic component directly translates to law. Also, the practice of meticulously reading texts to discern an argument is a major part of philosophy and also a major part of practicing law.

Research Yourself!

But, as always do your own research, talk to philosophy grads ask them about job opportunities they have encountered and how they got them. I am intending a philosophy major and I would like to pursue a career in business. My philosophy major will prepare me for an MBA and provide me with many skills that I can market to potential employers. Philosophy, although not stressed in high school, is a very important discipline. Take an introductory level course, approach philosophy with an open mind and although it can be very intimidating even at a first year level keep in mind the advantage a philosophy background can give you.

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