The Part-Time Job Experience

The Part-Time Job Experience

by Jasmin Bollman
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When looking for a part-time job, you don’t have to settle for just anything. There are many jobs that are tailored specifically for students that will also help you to reach your long-term career goals or just get you the experience you need to move up the corporate ladder. With the spring season fast approaching, many retailers are looking for part-time help immediately to assist them with the rush of customers.

Retail is the most common type of part-time job for students. This includes clothing stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and most other jobs where you are required to work hands-on with the public. With so many different types of retail opportunities to choose from, you can select something in an area that is of interest to you. Like fashion? Apply clothing stores in the local mall, who generally require more people on evenings and weekends when you are likely to have some free time. If you like beauty, you can apply to work at a make-up counter in a department store. If you like sports, you can apply at many fitness-related retailers or even to be an usher at a local sports arena.

If you enjoy being outdoors, a plethora of part-time jobs are available to you. You can deliver newspapers/flyers a few mornings a week or be a dog-walker. You can also shovel walkways or clear driveways during the wintertime. Many people are too busy to do this during the Christmas holidays, or they will be out of town on vacations. You can advertise your services in this regard on free community message boards such as Kijiji and Craigslist.

Another important option to not overlook is the food industry. This includes restaurants and cafes as well as fast food. Most restaurant workers will need to obtain their “Food Safe” or “Smart Serve” certificates to prove they can handle food and kitchen tools in a sanitary manner. This course is generally only one day in length and will give you access to many different jobs that others without the certificate would not be able to get. Another advantage of working in the food industry is that your wage is often supplemented by tips.

Retail jobs, while they may seem boring, will provide you with a solid foundation in the business world. You will learn how to use cash registers (many companies have their own computerized systems), handle cash and credit card transactions, do paperwork and bank deposits and practice loss prevention strategies. Most importantly, they will give you hands-on experience in customer service – this is perhaps one of the first things you will be asked about in subsequent jobs interviews. Being able to work with the public in a friendly and helpful manner will get you far in your chosen career.

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