Volunteer Tears

Volunteer Tears

by Giulio Rocco
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Second semester is creeping its way into your life, pressure from exams have fled, and you are starting as fresh as an untouched blanket of winter snow (depending on your geographic climate, substitute snow for a bed of grass). This may be an opportune time to begin those volunteer hours you have put off “for next year” since grade 9.

So where do you start volunteering? The first place to look is within your school community. Volunteering your time to benefit the environment of your school is a great way to establish a substantial rapport with teachers and peers alike. This does not mean you should ask your automotive teacher if he needs any work done on his front lawn! Try and find things that help the community as whole, and not just individuals you know personally. For example, you can help out with school events that may include, but are not limited to: environmental/horticultural projects, school plays, events, and fundraisers. Helping out in scenarios like the ones mentioned will not only get you some community hours, but can also foster connections with people you may have never thought about talking to! There are also clubs and teams that need assistance every once in a while. The school football team will always need a field marker for their home games! However, if you can not find anything remotely close to these examples at your school, talk to you guidance counselor and they will be happy to aid you in your quest to
support your community!

Letʼs not forget the great world outside of your school! Helping your own neighbourhood is also a beneficial way to not only get the hours you need for that diploma, but you can also tailor your time volunteering to gain skills you can put on a resume or use in an interview. For example, if you want to become a teacher, tutoring students after school will allow you to explore some aspects of the career. If you are thinking about nursing or becoming a doctor, helping at your local hospital may give you more of an understanding and appreciation for those professions. On the other hand, it may lead you toward never wanting to catch a cold again! Nevertheless, donʼt just volunteer for the sake of getting those hours out of the way, think about what potential careers you might want to investigate and use the volunteer hours as an opportunity to explore! Also, do not be afraid to check out universities around your neighborhood to see if they want help as well. The harder you search, the more rewarding the experience will be!

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