Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science

by Enviroment Canada
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Environment Canada is a key Canadian focal point for the advancement of atmospheric science, providing the research needed to improve Canada’s air quality, respond to climate change and increase the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Human activities are changing the atmosphere, and the work of Environment Canada’s atmospheric scientists is focused on observing, understanding and predicting these changes. These scientists are tracking changes in the atmosphere through monitoring networks, analyzing and maintaining long-term data records, studying atmospheric processes, and developing complex computer models. This modeling work enables Environment Canada scientists to predict future change, from tomorrow’s weather and air quality, to climate conditions over the coming decades.

Environment Canada atmospheric research provides valuable advice and guidance to decision-makers working to reduce air pollution, protect the ozone layer, respond to climate change and safeguard Canadians from hazardous weather. Atmospheric research also provides the scientific basis for many services to Canadians, including the air quality, health index and UV index  and increasingly accurate forecasts of severe weather.

Working in collaboration with Canadian universities and the international science community, Environment Canada’s scientists generate new knowledge about the atmosphere. Departmental scientists also take an active role in development of national and global scientific assessments that provide authoritative compilations of the current state of the science on atmospheric issues.

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