5 things to know about first year!

5 things to know about first year!

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1)   Come prepared:

Remember that leaving for college or university still means that you’ll be in a school environment.  So make sure to come prepared to learn.  But more than just bringing books, pens and a laptop, come into your new environment prepared to face new and exciting challenges.

2)   Don’t get carried away:

Coming to university is exciting! And Frosh often get carried away with partying or meeting new people.  While it is definitely a time to expand your horizons (see point 3), remember that you are in an institution of learning. Being a student is your top priority despite how tempting floor 3’s toga kegger may be.
Kicking off your post-secondary education with a good academic routine lays the groundwork for the rest of your time in school and makes sure you know what to expect of yourself and your program.  Plus good grades will guarantee you better jobs in the end so keep up your marks!

3)   Expand your horizons:

Keeping point 2 in mind it is important to push yourself to try new things.  University is a completely new experience and a great time to broaden horizons.  Always wanted to try theatre but never had the chance?  Wanted to be a member of student council? Interested in photography?
Well guess what, hundred of other students across campus are interested in exactly the same thing.  This isn’t high school – most of these people (especially those in your program) will share similar values.
Make the most of meeting people with similar interests by joining clubs, charitable organizations or doing things outside of your comfort zone.
Remember, not all the learning you’ll do is in the classroom.  Many real life lessons come from getting involved and putting yourself out there.

4)   Self motivate and time manage

Living away from home it’s easy to slip out of routine.  Without parents and teachers hounding you for missed essays and attendance slacking off is super easy.  But be warned, poor time management and a lack of motivation spells disaster.
Sure, everyone is guilty of procrastination some of the times but try hard not to make a habit of it.
People who study longer and more regularly develop better time management skills that will assist them in future careers, it will also ensure them a higher grade on a mid-term than someone who chose to study only a day before the test.
Same with essays, you might think that because in high school you could write an essay the night before and ace it you can do the same in university – you can’t.  The grades are tougher to earn and essays take a lot more editing and thought analysis than things you have encountered in your high school education.
So before you decide to ditch your required readings for the latest episode of Lost that’s playing the common lounge remember that good time management means better grades and a brighter future.

5)   Stay healthy:

You want to stay healthy in your first year, not only to ward off the dangerous freshman 15 (yes that is a real problem) but also to stay mentally prepared to do as best you can in school.
Eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis builds strong bodies and strong minds.  Scientific studies have proven that students who lead healthy and active lifestyles succeed better in school than those who don’t.  Plus not putting on the extra first-year fat will definitely save you the time and energy of trying to lose it in later years.
Take advantage of your school’s gymnasium and student health programming. Instead of hitting up a kegger every night, opt for a hot yoga session or encourage friends to join an intramural sports team like inner tube water polo!

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