It’s Time to Study!

It’s Time to Study!

by Jasmin Bollman
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Exam time is upon us, and it can be stressful if you feel like you are not adequately prepared. Whether you are writing a final exam in a subject you don’t feel confident in or you’re writing an entrance exam for college or university, there are several ways to study that fit the way you learn best.

The most important thing you can do is to organize your notes for the subject you are about to study. Going through your notes can help you to mentally prepare for the task at hand, as well as give you a general feel for the amount of studying you will need to do. If you have several exams you need to prepare for at one time, determine how much time you want / need to devote to each subject. Knowing what type of exam you will be taking is also very helpful. For example, will it consist mostly of multiple choice questions or will it be an essay? With multiple choice questions, you will most likely need to focus on remembering facts like dates, names and places. For essays, you will want to ensure you have a more broad understanding of the subject so you can expand on it.

The next step is to determine what the best method of studying is for you. Some people thrive by making flash cards with facts on them so they can quiz themselves anytime and anywhere. This is also helpful when you have a friend or parent helping you to study, as they can quiz you with relative ease.

Others find it helpful to explain the subject out loud, as if they are teaching it to someone else themselves. This allows them to cover as much information as possible and is particularly helpful if you are studying for an exam that is in essay form. It is a good idea to write down the main points you want to cover on a piece of paper and then see how many you were able to get during your own explanation.

Another good way to study is to create a mock exam. Going through your notes, create questions based on the information and see how many you can answer. This will give you a good idea of the information that you have difficulty remembering and need to focus on.

It is important to have a space where you feel comfortable studying, whether it be your room, at a computer desk or the library. Ensure that you minimize distractions such as television or loud areas (coffeehouses, for example).

A study group can be helpful if you like to work together with others to ensure you have a good understanding of the subject matter. They are also helpful for you to look at the information from a different perspective, which may assist you in remembering it easier. In the end, you need to find out what works best for you and stick with it.

Lastly, and perhaps most important of all, ensure you get a good night’s sleep before your exam. It might be tempting to pull an “all-nighter”, but your brain will be sluggish and you’ll be more prone to anxiety about the exam itself. In the end, you should feel confident that you know the information as best as you can.


Good luck and happy studying!


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