The Commitment Of One Year Off School

The Commitment Of One Year Off School

by Kay Sew
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Taking a year off school between secondary and post secondary school can be a tough decision for any student. If the waiting period is extended past a year there is only a small percentage of people that do go back.

Taking in a job to pay for school, one can get caught up in the pay and or get comfortable in what job they have (even when it is a dead end or minimum wage position), but it is important to keep track of priorities and not to loose sight of your goals.

If you loose sight of these you will never know what your potential could of been or can be. A great man once told me that ” You should never get comfortable with the minimum, because if you’re not comfortable with where you are, you’ll always want better” therefore you aim for more.

Taking time for yourself to regenerate and preparing for the future is very key to build to a stable and prosperous life, but it is just a part… Dedication and hard work are the biggest contributions one can have to get to where they want in life and make their dreams reality.

The saying you will never know if you don’t try is true. If your dream is more possible with the proper education… Why would you give that chance up?

To sum up why and what your taking off a year in school for… Work or Relax? If it’s to work you must be financially responsible or you’ll find your self extending and extending the break duration that can lead to no return. When you set your budget save more… It’s always more expensive than you think. Relaxation, play and meditation… Where you build your plan… Are you in the right subject, are you mentally prepared and or are you dedicated to the subject that will be your future? Don’t fall off your routines. Find something you enjoy: sports teams, dance groups, hobbies clubs and writing guilds. It keeps you in routine, so you don’t find it hard to maintain a school routine when you get back into it. finding and keeping focus, dedication and routine helps you grow as the best individual you can become.

Don’t waste time… Every moment is to cherish.

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