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Music is a part of everyone’s lives. Whether you listen to the Top 40 on the radio, dance, or play an instrument religiously, in some way you have involved yourself in music. So why not make your volunteer hours a little more melodic by helping out the local music community? Doing this is highly recommended for those that are thinking about applying to music courses at a post-secondary educational facility.

As a first objective, you will want to try and find your local music communities. Your town may have multiple communities and you may not even know it! Going to the chair (or whoever is in charge) of your high school music department will lead you in the right direction. They will most likely know if there are any music communities within the city that need students for volunteering.

An excellent example of a music community would be your local music conservatory. In Niagara Falls, the Royal Ontario Conservatory has taken in many students as volunteers both for performances and other activities. Every summer the conservatory puts on a fundraiser for the Niagara Falls General Hospital, allowing the hospital to purchase much needed medical equipment.

Your high school music department itself will most likely need volunteers during the school year. There should be plenty of fundraisers and concerts that are being put on which will need the participation of young students like you to do some work for the organization, preparation, and execution of events.

However, there are many other music communities within your city as well. Make sure you take the time to look around! Volunteering for a music group that is geared towards your musical talents will assist your progress as a musician. For example, if studying vocals is going to be your major, try and volunteer for a local choir group. Perhaps your studying classical guitar or another stringed instrument (which counts the piano as well) finding a conservatory that will let you volunteer to help train young students. Remember, the more specific you get with your volunteer hours the more beneficial they will be! Also, do not be afraid to check out universities around your neighborhood to see if they need help as well. The harder you search, the more rewarding the experience will be!

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