Career Ideas for Those with English...

Career Ideas for Those with English Majors

by Benjamin Roussey
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You did just the right thing by going ahead and following your dreams of studying English. Your dreams are just going to get rosier! Gone are the days when a degree in English only managed a few sympathetic nods from job recruiters and while those with majors in physics or business got all of the interviews and job offers.

Times have changed and so has the job market, which is really a reflection of the changed business scenario. Increased industrialization and greater inter-connectedness have led to English becoming the main language used in many businesses around the world. This has increased demand for English writers, teachers and PR specialists who have a command over the language. In addition, communication specialists who can read, write, and speak the language are highly sought after. Those with English majors suddenly find themselves with more than one job offer and almost countless career avenues stretched out in front of them.

If you too intend to pursue your love of English Literature and the language, then here are some exciting job openings that await you:

– Writer or a Journalist: A degree in English is the strongest foundation on which you can build a writing career. You can dabble in fiction writing or apply for a content or copywriting job where you can wield your pen (nowadays, the mouse) to create write-ups for the Web or print media. Your degree can also be a passport into an exciting world of journalism where you can use your knowledge of human nature gained from all those hours spent in studying great literature to pen insightful stories.

– Scriptwriter for Electronic Media: If you have a flair for the dramatics, then along with your English degree you can break into the scintillating world of television, movies or the radio. This is a career ideally suited to those who have a knack of storytelling and would love nothing better than to delve into the nitty-gritties of the plot or get under the skin of a character and pen lines that will be immortalized on the screen or the air waves.

– Editor: Individuals who hold a degree in English are cherished as editors in the worlds of publishing and commerce. Their mastery over the written word makes them ideal candidates to proofread and edit other people’s work to make these readable, easily comprehensible and enjoyable.

– Teacher: An individual with a Bachelor’s degree in English can also take up a teaching job in an elementary or a secondary school. If you really love your area of study and want to impart your knowledge and transmit the love of the subject to children, then no job could be better suited to your aptitude.

– Business Communication Professional: Your degree will be held in high regard in the worlds of high finance and business where there is an increasing demand for professionals who can communicate effectively and research/interpret information correctly to come up with succinct reports.

An English degree can indeed help you bag a lucrative job where you can have a great time doing something you love while you also earn a steady and decent paycheque.

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