Forming A Study Group

Forming A Study Group

by Erik McKay
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One of the main benefits of a post-secondary education is the environment that it cultivates and the community of like-minded individuals that inhabits it. Whether you are in a lab, a lecture or practicing a skill, you will be surrounded by other students who are actively attempting to understand and learn just like you. So take advantage of it!

Study groups are among the best ways to benefit from this. Whether your group is meeting daily, weekly or just to cram before an exam, the people you meet and the skills you develop will make you wonder why it has taken you so long to start forming or participating in study groups.

But don’t limit yourself to simply joining a study group – why not form one? Not only will this give you a chance to experience a leadership position within a relaxed environment, but it will also allow you to create a study group unique to your academic calendar, perhaps filling some niche that may have previously been overlooked. A biology-religion study group, anyone?

With the advent of social networking, it’s even easier than before! I can’t imagine creating a group before Facebook or Twitter feeds, but with these social tools available to you it’s easy to communicate between members of the group. Study groups are no longer limited to when you can reserve a room in the library. Running group conversations on Facebook can keep the dialogue going between the actual face-to-face study sessions while Twitter feeds can provide live commentary on a specific topic or question. If used effectively, these tools can greatly enhance your education. Social networking has expanded the potential and definition of the traditional post-secondary study group. Best of all, the person who benefits the most? You!

Study groups allow you to make the most of your post-secondary education and can be central to your social, academic and interpersonal development. These groups can grow into mini-communities within your school’s own student body. As a leader of a study group, your own role and influence will play an even larger part in your school and the overall experience of all those involved.

So start a study group – what’s the worst that could happen?

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