Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

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September is upon us once again, and everyone at Jobs People Do would like to extend a warm “Welcome Back!” to all students, teachers and administrators from coast-to-coast! We are thrilled to be here for you this school year, helping to guide you towards your perfect career.

We are happy to announce the addition of our brand new scholarships section! Jobs People Do has partnered with Student Awards to bring you 10 new and exciting scholarship opportunities each month. No matter your background, experience or desired field of study, there is a scholarship for everyone! Be sure to check out the section and find free money for yourself!

If you are starting to look at career options, our over 600 videos provide you with information on a variety of fields. We will also be profiling different careers each month, so come back often and find your career path!

Once again, a hearty welcome back from all of us! Make it your best year yet!

Remember: be a mentor – someone needs you!

Jasmin Bollman – Assistant Editor

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