Youth Mobility Visas

Youth Mobility Visas

by Kevin Sexton
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Common belief is that your life follows a certain path – you graduate high school, go to university and then start your career. However, life isn’t always so black and white. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to do, you aren’t ready to decide or you just need a break from school or your hometown to see what life is like somewhere else. Living in a foreign country is a great way to give you an entirely new outlook on the world around you.

The Canadian government has programs set up to allow young people to stay in a foreign country for a long period of time. These are called Youth Mobility Visas.

What can I do with a Youth Mobility Visa?
As a normal tourist without any special kind of visa, you cannot work or go to school in a foreign country and you can only stay for a short period of time. However, with a Youth Mobility Visa you can stay for a period of a year or two, depending on the country. While you’re there, you can work, study or simply travel around without worrying about your tourist visa expiring.

Many people take the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture or to learn a foreign language. Travel can be a great experience, but actually living in a different country is something else altogether. It will forever change the way you view your own society, culture and place in the world.

What kind of work can I get abroad?
People living abroad often get jobs in the tourism industry as café employees or as language teachers. If you speak the local language of the place you’re visiting, then there’s nothing stopping you from getting the same jobs you could get at home.

Will this help my career?
Absolutely! Experience living in a foreign country is a great asset for a resume. It shows future employers that you are open-minded, willing to face a challenge and have exceptional communication skills. It also helps you stand out when someone is searching through a stack of resumes.

How do I get a Youth Mobility Visa?
It is easier than you might expect. You can get yourself set up in a foreign country before you even leave your home soil. You can obtain your Youth Mobility Visa at the embassy for the country you want to visit. The process is different for every country, but it involves a few basic steps such as signing up for international health insurance, getting a few pictures taken and filling out some forms. Some of the countries that have this program set up with Canada include Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

It can be scary to move overseas and you will surely run into problems. You can get lost, you may miss certain foods from home and you may feel homesick at times. But it’s all worth it! It will teach you not only about a new culture, but will show you a different way to view your own.

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