Why Choose a School Far Away from Home?

Why Choose a School Far Away from Home?

by Erik McKay
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When considering post-secondary options, there are many decisions that dictate which school you settle on. This can range from the programs offered, the cost or the familiarity of the school itself. Yet there is often one question central to every student’s choice: whether to stay at home or go away for school.

Each options has its pros and cons and are often influenced by the specific school, what they offer and their corresponding communities. But for many students, going to school away from home proves to be a fantastic and self-defining experience.

Moving away from home is scary. You are thrown into a new room in an unfamiliar city surrounded by strangers. The independence you have always fought for is now imposed upon you and you are expected to not only adapt to your new circumstances but also excel academically and socially. It can be absolutely terrifying at first and you may want to forget the whole thing and go home.

Soon the room will become your own, you will be able to successfully navigate between your classes and you will have met more new, young, enthusiastic individuals then you will know what to do with. It is completely natural to get homesick sometimes, but new friends, clubs and classes will keep you busy while waiting for the latest update from home.

By going away for school you finally receive, and accept, your first taste of independence. You are now responsible for forcing yourself up for those 8:30 classes, eating right and simply taking care of yourself while effectively balancing your studies with your social life – both of which are crucial to a healthy student lifestyle.

Your experience throughout university or college will only further advance these sentiments and allow you to grow as an individual. As you continue through second, third and fourth year you will come upon different challenges and tests, whether mundane or monumental, that will continue to define both yourself and your post-secondary experience. Such experiences may not be unique to those who go away for school but by choosing an independent lifestyle you are now more responsible for your own decisions.

It can be difficult but it can also be a sensational, unforgettable experience. By going away for school you will become part of a new community of like-minded students, experience a new city and grow as an individual!

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