A Five Year Degree – The...

A Five Year Degree – The Financial Benefit

by Jonathan Ginsburg
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Many people believe that gaining a degree should take four years. Most programs at colleges and universities are designed as four year programs, often with students moving together in cohorts, or with higher level classes being offered only in alternating years. This is a system that is overdue to change, as there are several advantages to taking an extra year for studies.

The first benefit is financial. Colleges and universities are expensive, and even with bursaries, scholarships and grants, it can be hard to make ends meet. By spreading the fees over five years, they become slightly more manageable, though the resulting extra year of living expenses must be weighed. As well, taking fewer classes per year allows for availability for a part time job, so that students may graduate with less of a debt load.

Another benefit is a little more breathing room in the schedule, more time to focus on each class and not face quite as much pressure. Moving to a five year schedule, students can go from five classes a term to four or even take fewer during the school year and do some over the summer, at the school or through an online university. This allows for a better life balance, with more time for other activities, be they work, fitness, social or simply having more time to study for the classes one is taking. If the program is one that makes use of cohorts, it may be impossible to spread the education out in the final years of school, but this model still works for most students.

So why not investigate the possibility of stretching your degree out to five years? You may find that it is the perfect circumstance for you! You’ll save money and reduce your stress level.

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