A Student’s Guide to Surviving...

A Student’s Guide to Surviving Winter

by Kylie Nussey
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The chill is coming! Colder, whiter days are ahead. We all have to deal with the torment of winter, but there are a few ways to make it easier for all students in high school and college.

What do we hate about winter most? The cold, right? It’s only half Mother Nature’s fault, the other half is our own. Many of us want to look fashionable in winter, but at the expense of our own warmth and comfort. We’ve all seen guys walking around in the dead of winter with no coat on or only wearing a hoodie, and girls still wearing skirts and small jackets. Don’t be one of those people! Bundle up! Shop around for good quality winter apparel that will keep you warm! Protect your ears, neck and feet. This should go without saying, because if you don’t you’ll end up getting sick and that leads us to…

Feeling terrible! This will not help you in school. So what can you do when you do get sick? Friendly Dr. Kylie (that’s me!) says that drinking lots of fluids and hot showers usually does the trick for me. Rest is required, but try going to bed earlier rather than taking full days out of school. I have always missed important information on my sick days. We all know that being sick is all too good of an excuse to over exaggerate our need to take a sick day when really a box of Kleenex and some Buckley’s would be all you need. Additionally, in the winter our bodies require extra vitamins because it has to work harder. Taking a vitamin C pill, for example, will decrease your chances of getting sick significantly.

So you’ve protected yourself, but this doesn’t mean everyone else did, too. Wash your hands as much as possible when using public facilities. You can also try alternatives to using your hands to touch things; whether you’re using your sleeve or shoulder to open a door or grabbing a piece of paper towel before touching the faucets in the bathroom, it all makes a difference. You can also equip yourself with travel size antibacterial gel. If can’t stand the smell of regular antibacterial gels, many companies now make fruit scented ones to counteract the alcohol smell.

Finally, if you’re like me and are always cold, here’s something I found helped me in my daily commuting. Carry a thermal mug with you and keep it full of whatever delicious hot beverage you like! Whether it be coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, this will not only keep you warm but it will postpone and lessen your hunger resulting in fewer pounds gained during the less active season! You can also make an effort to eat heartier meals with lots of nutrition rather than greasier meals that will only encourage seasonal depression.

Following the tips above should help you stay warm, cozy and happy throughout the long Canadian winters!


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