Career Profile: Architectural Technician

Career Profile: Architectural Technician

by Kylie Nussey
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Job Summary
Preparing documents in construction and architectural design and constructional standard. Strong emphasis is placed on protecting the environment, energy conservation, sustainable design and construction strategies.

Is it for me?
This program is for those who like to be challenged and to be creative. If you like to design things or enjoyed building houses in the popular game “Sims”, this may the right path for you! A job as an Architectural Technician would guarantee you an exciting and rewarding career in the construction and design field.

Summary of Duties
Architectural technicians are responsible for:
– The working of drawings
– Construction design
– Construction methods
– Construction materials
– Building science
– Computer assisted design
– Drafting and building information modeling
– Protecting the environment and energy conservation through design

General Information about the Position
As an architectural technician, you will have career in the construction industry, working with architects, engineers, builders, contractors and municipal building departments. Using state of the art computer technology, you will prepare designs, construction drawings and specifications needed to communicate with the clients, construction professionals and approving authorities.

The challenges of being an Architectural Technician
Challenges vary from having tight deadlines (although you always manage to find a way to get there!) and coming up against unforeseen problems on site, which can vary from minor to major redesigns of a building. You will also be tasked with keeping up-to-date with the latest and most current legislation.

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