Follow Your Instincts

Follow Your Instincts

by Joy Kita
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There is pressure to know what career you ought to settle on for the rest of your life, even well before you are finished high school. Students are guided toward a career at a young age and are expected to follow the direct path counselors and parents present to them. Decisions about the future can be made for a variety of reasons including salary, job availability and aptitude, but there is no better reason than natural inclination and passion to help you determine your future employment.

When it comes to how to choose what to do for the rest of your life, it is most important to take your time and really consider what it is that you enjoy. Is there something you love to do and learn about? Why not consider investing in education to make it your profession? If you follow your passion and interests you will find yourself working in a field that allows you to build continuing joy in your life. Take a closer look at your hobbies and investigate whether or not you could see yourself making a living in a relatable field. Work does not need to be mere labour; it has the potential to be a labour of love.

The next step is confirmation. Can you turn your interests into a profession? Investigate, research and do your homework. What kinds of jobs are available in your area of interest? Is it really feasible or should you continue to search other avenues?

Now that you have found something you think you would love to do, take the next step and offer your time as a volunteer. Be bold and assertive. Talk yourself into a place of business that you can learn from and experience the tangible reality of your choice. If you do this and discover you are not suited to the trade or craft, do not be afraid to change paths. Perhaps a pivot rather than a jump is in order. You may not need to change directions completely but simply tweak the dream a little to suit your needs.

It is important to lean on your intuition when it comes to your future. Do not decide on a career solely based on numbers. To do that is a potential set up for burn out and early disenchantment. Take the time to understand what you really enjoy and trust that you have the skill set to see your dreams realized. It takes more than hard work to be successful – there is a necessary component of happiness and contentment that not only sets the course, but helps define just what success means to you.

When you follow your instincts and choose a career path based on something you enjoy, life becomes an exploration of your interests and the anticipation of each new day lingers well into the future.

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