Myth: I Don’t Need Money –...

Myth: I Don’t Need Money – My Parents Pay For Everything!

by Kathleen Gerry
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Many young students might think that having their parents pay for their school tuition, shelter, transportation, food, clothing, hygiene products, entertainment and anything else would provide them with enough money to survive university. But this is a myth! The reality is that money is more than something that is used to purchase the things you want and need. Making money is more than just having money in your pocket, it is building your path to independence and self-sufficiency. Making your own money on top of whatever amount your parents are giving you is a great way of creating independence for yourself. This is hugely important because when you are not dependent on others for every aspect of your material survival, you can feel empowered and able to make your own choices. Having the feeling that you control your own life and are not dependent on your parents will inevitably allow you to see your life more clearly and to see exactly how your own decisions affect your life.

Working is valuable for gaining money and for experience that can be used in different areas of your life. When you work you are taking on responsibility and people are depending on you to do the job. Having people depend on you instead of constantly depending on others is empowering and reinforces your independence. Additionally, building your work experience looks great on a resume and will help you later in life when looking for a job and for getting through your day-to-day life tasks that inevitably require some taking on of responsibility.

Having your own money also allows you to have a little fun and minimize the guilt you feel when you spend the money your parents give you. If you want to go on a trip to Wonderland with your friends, get your nails done or even buy some new shoes, having your own source of income will allow you to make these little trips and purchases that make life worthwhile. When you have your own money, you are more in charge of the direction that your life will take. Overall, money enables you to be independent and to make choices better suited to you than you would if you were dependent on your parents.

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