The Importance of Hobbies

The Importance of Hobbies

by Erik McKay
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Between lectures, labs, essays and exams, the importance of constructive hobbies will quickly become evident within a post-secondary environment. Some turn to the arts, some to athletics, some look to develop skills that compliment their degrees and others choose hobbies that are as far from their individual programs as possible.

Regardless of your hobby of choice, the need and importance of such activities will become clear. Soon you’ll be working hard at your degree, trying to balance your social life with work while trying to maintain some semblance of the evasive “you time”.

Hobbies facilitate this. By dedicating yourself to a specific pastime you are making a promise to yourself to step back and breathe from the various pressures present in post-secondary education while, hopefully, allowing yourself to grow as an individual. Whether spending an hour on the treadmill, playing a video game, learning an instrument or sitting down to read a book, every hobby encourages the development of a new set of skills, allows you to meet a new network of individuals and, perhaps, allows a welcome escape from the stress of real life.

A hobby is a good reflection of the ideals, characteristics and interests of an individual and, if you spend enough time on it, it will do so positively. Eventually you may be known as the guitarist of the group, the writer or maybe the athlete. Though such labels can be daunting, they can be positive as well. Soon people will be reaching out to you for music suggestions, writing tips or for advice on their new workout schedule.

Such questions will only increase your standing within your community while allowing you to develop the skills and interests that will make you stand out as an individual. All the while giving you a welcome, constructive break from the strains of student life.

The university atmosphere is also a perfect opportunity for the development of such hobbies. As with the academic quality unique to the post-secondary environment, you will find yourself surrounded by a new community of like-minded individuals, all of whom are eager and interested in developing their skills, meeting others with similar interests and sharing their expertise with one another.

So go learn an instrument! Go join a sports team! Constructive pastimes are extremely beneficial to a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle and will allow you to grow as an individual, meet new people and develop new hidden talents.

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