Interview Do’s and Don’ts...

Interview Do’s and Don’ts for 2013

by Kylie Nussey
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Welcome to your job interview 2013. As we all know, it is getting harder to get jobs and fighting for that position will make you feel like a gladiator. It is important you don’t sabotage your opportunities by saying or doing the wrong things during the interview process.


Practice your greeting in the mirror and be realistic. This means friendly eye contact and a good hand shake. If you are not comfortable with eye contact, practice it. It shows confidence and attention and will make the difference between landing and losing the job.

Use professional body language. It is 2013 and all fields are competitive – so sit up and show some interest. If this rings a bell for it’s probably because you’ve been asked to sit up before in school as it shows the teacher you are taking interest.

Dress to impress! You may have heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want – not the job you have”. This is definitely true in an interview situation! Dress well and pay attention to little details, like your hair and make-up. Do not go overboard on cologne or perfume as the interviewer may have an allergy to it.

Be prepared to answer a variety of questions. “What makes you an asset to our company?”, “How do you handle stressful situations?”, “Why THIS company?”, “ What would you say your weaknesses are?” Some of these questions are hard to answer on the spot. Make sure not to advertise
any insecurities or doubt. Research a bit about the company you’re applying with and prepare for some of these questions.

Shake and smile as you leave and do a follow up. You can follow up through email or by phone 24 hours later, reinforcing your interest for the position. If you have worked through an employment agency it would be a good idea to call them and express you interest in the job as well.


Say” I don’t know”. “I don’t know” may just be the most unintelligent thing you could ever say after “whatever”. To not know implies that you are clueless or haven’t given it any thought.

Blast former employers. We all have past employers who we don’t think fondly of but this interview is not the time to express it. Consider it a test. When asked why you left your last job be vague, if it was for negative reasons.

Ask about sick days or days off. Whether you mean it or not, it will imply you are irresponsible and that the employer will expect you to call in sick within your first month of being hired. If you are sick, get a doctor’s note.

Never look at your phone. To an employer it’s a smack in the face. If you can’t not look at your phone for ten minutes during an interview it shows lack of interest and that you are not taking the interview seriously. Turn the phone off.

Have anything in your mouth. Gum, toothpick, attitude – none of these things should be in your mouth.

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