Published on February 22nd, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

February 22nd, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

Welcome to the March 2013 edition of JobsPeopleDo.com! Spring will be here in about three weeks – and so will March Break! March is a very exciting time in the […]

Enjoy Nature and De-Stress

February 22nd, 2013; By Kathleen Gerry

The man-made world is very much a world that is constructed of indoor environments. We are in our car, we are in our house, we are in the mall, we […]

Volunteer Centres in Canada

February 22nd, 2013; By Gale Blaylock

As you know, all high school students need to have 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. Use this information to discover where your 40 hours can best […]

Types of Careers in Trades

February 22nd, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

Are you wondering what types of careers are available to you in the trades sector? There is literally thousands to choose from. Check out just a few of the careers […]

Researching the Effects of Climate Change on the Polar Bears of Southern Hudson Bay

February 22nd, 2013; By Canadian Wildlife Federation

As I sit comfortably in my warm office in Toronto writing this post, the polar bears of the Southern Hudson Bay subpopulation are out on the frigid sea ice in […]

Waiting To Choose Your Major

February 22nd, 2013; By Bel Harris

Your first year of university or college is going to be stressful for a lot of reasons. It’s a time when many of your life skills will be put to […]

Taking A Year Off

February 22nd, 2013; By Kimberly Moreau

If You’re Not Ready, It’s OK Post-secondary education costs a lot of money and most students leave with a hefty debt to pay off as they start their professional careers. […]