Types of Careers in Trades

Types of Careers in Trades

by Jasmin Bollman
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Are you wondering what types of careers are available to you in the trades sector? There is literally thousands to choose from. Check out just a few of the careers we found on CareersInTrades.ca!

Construction and Maintenance is the best known skilled trades sector. These jobs are available across Canada in both urban and rural areas. Some of its apprenticeable trades are:
– Bricklayer
– Heavy equipment operator
– Painter and decorator
– Ironworker
– Mechanic
– Plumber
– Welder

Transportation trades cover vehicles ranging from automobiles and motorcycles to airplanes and cranes. These jobs are anywhere vehicles can be found, which can be a farm, an airport, a harbour or any street! Some of the apprenticeship trades include:
– Agricultural Equipment Technician
– Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic
– Auto Body Repairer
– Motorcycle Mechanic
– Transport Trailer Technician

Manufacturing trades can lead to careers in many different sectors, including cars, textiles and even food production. These careers can secure a job in many manufacturers and bring you to the root of product development. Some of the apprenticeable trades include:
– Automotive Machinist
– Graphic Arts (Pre-Press, Press and Bindery)
– Industrial Electrician
– Power System Operator
– Sawfiler/Fitter
– Tool and Die Maker

The service sector offers jobs for those interested in working more closely with the public. From chefs to hairstyling, this sector offers many career opportunities. Some of the apprenticeable trades include:
– Arboriculturist
– Baker
– Barber
– Graphic Arts Technician
– Hairstylist
– Jeweler and Goldsmith
– Upholsterer


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  1. welcome says:

    Where would a student find information on Cosmetologist? Is it hidden under a different career, or is it just not on your website?

    • Gale Blaylock says:

      Thank you for contacting JobsPeopleDo.com to help you search for Cosmetology.
      You will find it in Job Videos, under the category ” Marketing , Sales and Service ” under Hairdressers,Hairstylist, Cosmetologist.
      We have put this on our list to update with a new video in this field.
      Thank you

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