Career Profile: Horticulturist

Career Profile: Horticulturist

by Patrick Start
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Horticulture. What is it? In its simplest form we can define it as the cultivation of plants. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

An individual who works in the horticulture field is called a horticulturist. Their duties consist of managing and coordinating anything that involves cultivating and breeding plant life. From working with landscape companies, to advising provincial ministries on proper techniques and maintenance of plants and landscapes; a horticulturist’s job often takes them from one job site to another and seldom leaves them standing in the same place.

An ideal candidate for the horticulturist career path is an individual who enjoys working outdoors, nature, travelling and, well, getting dirty!
Horticulturists may act as technicians or advisors for agriculture companies and provide information on techniques to yield a higher crop growth and impart pesticide-related info to both commercial and independent farmers. They may also work with landscaping companies to help them determine which plants will grow the most plentifully based on its required needs, like climate and precipitation.

Horticulturists may choose to work as independent contractors or work directly for natural resource ministries to ensure soil levels are not contaminated and pose no threat to its vegetation or animals in the area.

The career path of a horticulturist typically only requires some post secondary education as an apprentice. The individual could start out as a landscaper and gradually make their way to a horticulturist. If desired, university degrees are offered in the field of horticulture. These degrees may lead into other agricultural fields such as forestry and biology.

So if you have always loved learning about plant life and even planting your own garden or flowerbeds at home, a career in horticulture could be perfect for you!

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