Staying Awake Without Caffeine

Staying Awake Without Caffeine

by Bel Harris
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You’re busy, you’re stressed and you hardly have time to eat let alone get a good night’s sleep. When term projects and exams are weighing you down, your first thought might be to reach for that double shot latte or an energy drink with a slew of unpronounceable ingredients stamped on the side of the can. At eight in the morning right through to midnight, caffeine is our crutch that is guaranteed to keep us awake. However, too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to caffeine, can be problematic. To help you ease off the espressos, here are a few ways to stay alert and awake the caffeine-free way.

It’s a classic. Doctors have been telling us this for years, but some of us have neglected to heed their advice. Exercise, particularly anything that involves the cardiovascular system, is a great way to get fresh, oxygenated blood pumping through your brain. If you’re short on time, try a flash card routine with some weights or listen to an audio recording of a lecture while going for a run. Even a five minute jumping jacks session between revising chapters can do the trick.

Break up your meals
Breakfast, lunch and dinner – it’s a routine to which many of us stay faithful. However, eating larger meals less often can have destructive effects on our energy levels. Digestion requires energy; The larger the meal, the more energy is needed and depleted from your reserves. Breaking up meals into four or six smaller portions can vastly improve your energy levels, keeping you alert and able to studying for longer.

Cat naps
Getting sleepy? Take a nap! Sleep cycles aren’t as cut and dry as most people think. Some of the most effective sleep routines involve taking a nap at regular intervals throughout the day to boost productivity. Though intriguing, for a student constant nap taking is probably not an option. But there are some tips to glean from those sleep cycles! When your body needs rest it will let you know and sometimes the only thing left to do is listen to it. A ten minute nap may be all the rest it needs to get back on track. If you choose this option, remember to set an alarm without a snooze button! Ten to twenty minutes should do.

They can do more than just keep the doctor away. If you’re having trouble getting by without a caffeine boost, try snacking on an apple. The dose of natural glucose will help pick you up the same way a chocolate bar or gummy worms might give you a sugar rush. But an apple’s natural sugars and fibre content make it a much healthier option.

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