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Happy Graduation & Summer from JobsPeopleDo.com!

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For those of you in Grade 12, June is the month you have been waiting your entire life for – you will be graduating from high school. This is a momentous occasion, and one that you worked extremely hard to achieve. Be proud of what you have accomplished and enjoy all of the activities and festivities that come with graduation.

If it’s not your graduation year, that means June brings a different reason for celebration – summer vacation! There are so many things you can do this summer to bring you closer to your goals, whether it’s getting your first summer job, volunteering or just focusing on being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Take these summer months to relax, recharge and set your goals for the next school year.

This month, JobsPeopleDo.com brings you great editorial pieces about what you can do with your summer, whether you are moving on to post-secondary education or not. Don’t forget that it’s never too late to apply for scholarships if you need them for September, so check out our list of ten new and interesting ones that you apply for this month.

From all of us at JobsPeopleDo.com, we wish you a happy, safe and productive summer!

Jasmin Bollman, Assistant Editor
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